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First keg fill

Have my new keg ready to fill. Check my procedure. Fill keg, purge o2 at 3lbs, disconect. Put the keg in fridge overnight to chill. Charge with 20lb disconnect and leave in fridge 3 days.purge off excess pressure to serve at 12psi. This this sound good? I have another keg coming. How do I store it with beer until ready. Only have room in fridge for one at a time

Everthing looks good EXCEPT you do not want to disconnect your gas in as you need it connected to replace CO2 as it is absorbed by the beer.
Personally I carb overtime because it won’t result in over carbonation which is easy to do with high pressure for short amounts of time. Overtime method is to chill your beer. Set regulator at psi you need for volumes of CO2 at adjusted temp and is return 5 days later with properly carbed beer.

Is there a calculator out there to find out the pressure you need for the volume you want?

What I do is purge the keg with CO2. Rack the beer in. Purge and cap at 30psi.
Chill and leave it sit at 30psi for 24hrs.
Release pressure and dial back to 20psi, sit for 24hrs.
Release pressure and dial back to 10psi, sit for 24hrs.
Start tasting.

It’s usually pretty close to perfectly carbed at this point. It may need another day or two of pressure between 10-15psi (more than likely) or it may need some pressure released (unlikely), but this is my SOP and works well for me. 3 days from racking to drinking.

Instead of taking chances of over carbing at 30 psi, do it this way. Chill keg overnight and then hook up to 11 psi and roll/shake keg for a few minutes. You will hear the CO2 going in and it is impossible to over carb this way.

With all due respect, it would take several days sitting at 30psi to overcarb. Not saying one method is better than another, just stating a fact.

Well dobe you have never led me wrong yet so I’m putting in 30 psi overnight. But loopie I’m disconnecting overnight but tomorrow I’ll put it on 12psi and leave it . Muller I shook it at 30psi do you think I should shake it again or just leave it. I’ll taste it on Sunday, today is Tuesday that’s five days.

Give it a little shaky shake. If you’re too concerned then turn it down a bit and shake rattle and roll.

Don’t disconnect, like Loopie said.
Tomorrow, disconnect, purge, and hook it back up to the lowered pressure / time regimen of your choice.

The 24 hrs.@ 30 psi. works wonders for a quick carb regimen I have found.

I have it at 15 psi now. It has a little carb but not drinkable yet. I’m going away until Sunday hopefully it will be good then, it’s a brew day and I’ll need some refreshment.

I guess because of the temp the gas was at 12 psi when I got home. It’s good, I’m having one on the porch now. It could use a tad more carb so I upped it to 15 psi. Is that a good pressure for an IPA at 41deg or should I leave it at 12 and wait ?

Leave it at 12 and wait

OK thanks Brau , will do. What about the clarity will it clear or do I have to drink off the bottom until it does. Should I cut the dip tube. When I bottle this beer it is nice and clear after two weeks

No need to cut the dip tube. The beer should run somewhat clear after 1-2 pints as long as you are not moving the keg around. After a couple weeks the beer should be very clear.

Your right it did clear it also got almost empty.

Hazard of the game. My last two or three pints are usually crystal clear… :mrgreen:

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