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First infection since my 4th batch!

Brewed up a low gravity starter beer to 1. Propagate yeast for a 1/2 bbl heady topper brew and 2. to make a blending beer for an overbittered premium bitter I had made.

Took a sample on Friday with a sanitized (for 30-45 seconds) soup ladle. Tasted pretty good, bland, but a good neutral low-alcohol base beer.

Got everything ready to throw some of the blending beer into the overbittered bitter, opened up the lid, and saw some serious pellicular activity. Not sure if it was from my chest freezer having a bunch of stuff airborne, the beer being low-alcohol/low hop, or not sanitizing my ladle for long enough. Blast. Probably should have cold-crashed after primary fermentation just to be safe.

Now I need to brew again and order “Vermont Ale Yeast” from The Yeast Bay.

Look on the bright side. Now you might have a sour you can use to blend!

well I guess the high grav and high hops in other beers helps ward off infections or so it seams. sorry to see your infected beer. I think I will make a double ipa next, been messing around with a few lighter beers lately and never thought about how the low abv beers may get infected easier.

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