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First Gluten Reduced Free Batch

Hello fellow brewers!

I am new to the brewing scene! I am intolerant to gluten, so when Northern Brewer informed me of Clarity Ferm by white labs, I bought the deluxe starter kit and a Caribou Slobber recipe as fast as i could.

Here’s a link to the ferm.

On day 4 of letting my batch sit in the 6 gallon carboy, I noticed my beer stopped foaming and very little CO2 was coming out. Is this normal when brewing or is this due to the Clarity Ferm.

I Thought it was strange that it stoped, due to the fact i had to grab the 3 foot tubing to vreate a new air lock because there was so much CO2 and foam coming out! After it settled down i put the air lock back on because it was so large for my room.

Here are 2 pictures of what it looks like!

Any comments or help would be greatly appreciated!

Cheers! :cheers:

TL:DR - Is it normal for my beer on day 4 to slow down like this? (look at photos)

Its not uncommon for a beer to stop showing signs of fermentation after 4 days. This doesn’t mean its done as the yeast in suspension keep up the good fight. One thing new brewers struggle with is ferm temps. Too high of ferm temps cause violent and fast ferments. It also causes off flavors. What was the ambient temp where you fermented. Ideally most ales are fermented at low to mid 60* (exception is Belgians).

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