First Gallon Extract Kit

So I just finished my first gallon American Wheat recipe kit and I have a question. I started with 1.25 gallons of water, and after a rolling boil of wort and siphoning everything but the trub at the bottom of the kettle, I am left with about 3/4 of a gallon. Just wondering if this is normal? Did I boil the wort on too high of a temperature? Should I have added more water? Thanks for your help!

Boil off rate takes a couple of time to get down.

You can boil another gallon of water. Cool it down and add a quart to your fermenter.

Just adding water to the fermenter…what is the point in boiling it?

Boiling it will sanitize it.

But many people add it straight from the faucet and not have any issues.

It’s up to you what you want to do.

Fermentation has already began in my 1 gallon jug, will that make a difference?

I would let it be.

With future brews, you can add water to to bring it up to where you want it.

With this beer you will have fewer bottles and a higher alcohol content.

Thanks for your help!

If you added more water, is there room for Krausen?

So another question before I start my next batch!

So if the NB recipe directions 1.25 gallons of water yielded about 3/4 of a gallon in the fermentor, should I:

A) Start with more water in the kettle, say 1.5 gallons, so I end up with closer to a gallon in the fermentor.


B) Follow the recipe directions, but add sanatized water to the fermentor to bring it to the gallon level before pitching the yeast.

Thanks for the responses…I love that I can constantly learn from the forums!

Either way will work, I would boil the extra water rather then add if your equipment allows. better sanitation and i believe better hops utilization. Cheers

And you call yourself “unknowledged”. :shock:

If you have the space for the water in the pot, go ahead and start with more liquid. Like mentioned, the denser the sugar content, the less the hop goodness is extracted. So it’s better to have more liquid.

Judging the boil off rate is tricky. Ambient temp and humidity play a roll. And that can be ever changing. Especially when boiling on a turkey burner outside. Inside on the stove, not so much.

This thread makes me feel better. I just brewed the Sierra Madre PA and had the same issue. It boiled down from 1.25 to like 3/4 gallon. I topped it off after freezing for a moment. I hope it turns out well!