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First Extract in 6 years

Ok wow a 2 hour brew session. Somehow I thought it would be more relaxing to do an extract but it is less relaxing because there is no time. It was nice to be able to bust out a brew that fast though.

A friend gave me a Rogue extract kit as a gift, was probably the nicest extract kit I have ever brewed with.

It is the Shakespeare stout kit, this was jam packed with 4 oz of centennial, 3.5 pounds of steeping grain or mash if you choose but I just steeped. 1lbs of dark aromatic belgian candy sugar. 5lbs of DME and all the grain and hop bags, plus bottle caps and priming sugar.

I may do an occasional extract batch from time to time. Was fun to do.

I did a couple over winter. Fun and easy - they tasted fine.

Ok, its in the keg and carbed up. Nothing to write home about, but it is free beer.

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