First Ever Lager

Hi Guys, as the title says it’s my first lager. over the past year i got the Johnson Digital Control and finally found a used apartment size chest freezer. With not having anyone else around who brews I have to search out resources online. Wanting to go by the book for the first I purchased a Brewers Best Vienna Lager. Reading the paperwork I’ll brew and the used the dry yeast included. Ferment at around 53 to 59 degrees for ten to fourteen days till gravity stays the same for two days. Rack to secondary and lower the temp 1-3 degrees a day till I reach 35 -42 degrees. from there lager at this temp for 3-4 weeks.Then check F. G. and on to bottling. First thing I couldn’t find was after what could be 6 weeks do I need to pitch partial yeast to get carbonation during bottle condition.

Thanks All

No, priming and bottling is identical to ales.

You might want to check a pitch rate calculator. On pack of lager yeast may not be enough.

I lager as close to freezing as I can get the beer. That way I can serve it cold and not worry about haze.

If it’s a 5 gal batch I’d use at least 2 packs of dry. brewersfriend yeast calculator will tell you more.

You’re doing it the right way with the freezer setup. I’ve been fermenting my lagers in swamp coolers and it’s getting tiresome. Having said that I’m not thrilled with the idea of lifting fermenters into a chest freezer and i’d actually like to go to these 15 gallon food safe containers I found for fermenters. I’m thinking a fermentation closet like Mullerbrau.

also, read this.

I would say you need more yeast than one sachet. And absolutely rehydrate.

Thanks for all the info. After checking a couple pitch calculators I am going with a starter made from Wyeast 2124 Bohemian Lager.

Thanks again for the info.

Good call. Go big I feel lagers need a healthy pitch

There’s no need to add yeast at bottling time after only 3-4 weeks. I’ve gone 3 months and had no problem with carbing.

And oxygen to support it.