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First cover failure

I was in a bit of a panic today. I am fermenting a rye ale in an ale pail. I added the yeast yesterday around 8PM. At 7 this morning there was no air lock bubbling. Went to work and came home (early at 3 because of the impending end of the world north east blizzard) and still no activity. Took the cover off and it was hard to get off but saw a thick layer of krausen. So my question is, for my 3 week primary, will there be any problem with air getting in the bucket after the main fermentation? Or will all be all right and I should just relax and have another homebrew?

Just relax. Your fermentation is still active. :cheers:

i know it’s active. But is there any concern about the 2 weeks after the heavy ferment is done with air getting in the poorly sealed lid?

No, as long as you were sanitary.

Besides, there will be a layer of CO2 generated by the fermentation, helping to keep the O2 out.
Just resist the temptation to peek and leave her alone for the next couple weeks.

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