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First Comp. Results

Just got results back from my first time entering a competition - entered 8 beers in the AHA National Comp. through the St. Paul regional. I have to say that I was pleased with the comments and feedback. There were some very constructive comments that I think I can apply to the next batches of those beers. That was the main reason I entered - to get my beers assessed in an unbiased fashion. Also, I have never really spent much time “brewing to style” so it was interesting to see how the beers came in compared to style guidelines. One of my favorite beers, that tastes great and I could drink all day long came in as my lowest scorer - because it had several areas where it did not fit the style well.

I did manage one beer at 41.5, four at 31.5-34.5, a 28 and two at 22.5. The two 22.5’s basically missed the mark on style. Not sure what those scores really mean as I have not entered before, but it is certainly something I think I will do more as the feedback is interesting to get and read through.

One question - if it says “this beer advanced to mini-BOS round” - what exactly does that mean? Is there a certain number that advance? Or a certain score and above?

Advancing to mini-BOS means your beer was one of the top two or three in the flight that a particular pair of judges judged. the cover sheet should tell you how many beers were in their flight. Other pairs of judges also scored beers in the same category, and everyone’s top one to three beers were judged again in the mini-BOS for determining the top three places.

A 40+ is a great score, 30’s is respectable, under that and you can look at the critique and see if you can improve the beer or find a more suitable category. Sometimes you might not agree with a judge’s conclusions, its a fairly subjective endeavor.

Congrats, thats a very nice showing for NHC first round. I believe there were 750+ beers in the one they judged in Chicago so depending on style you were in with 20-30 other beers in a style.

Nice job!

Thanks for the info. on Mini BOS - that makes sense.

Here is a good document explaining mini-BOS:

I didn’t think the results were out yet? I thought I read somewhere they were not going to be released until May 5th? Anybody know anything about that?

I believe final results/advancing entries are not out until May 5. I received my score sheets, but there was no indication as to any overall “placing” within style or anything like that. For a couple of them, the “advanced to mini BOS” box was checked.
Thanks for the mini BOS document - explained it very well.

I got my scoresheets from the Indianapolis Regional, and the cover sheet is attached.

It states place awarded = 1st. Am I reading it correctly that I won that category?

@ Beer_Gutt

Looks like you won to me. Congratulations! At the very least you placed 1st in your sub-category. It may be that you won the overall category as well. I haven’t judged at NHC so i’m not sure. IDK if they advance all the 1st place winners to the 2nd round from each sub-category or only just the overall category winners? Probably one of the forum members who judged somewhere @ a 1st round site could answer that question.

That would be my take - no expert on it though. Mine looked the same - except there was nothing written in for the final place. great job.

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