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First Columbus dry-hop (2 thumbs down)

Onions!!! Yuck.

Split the dry hop (4 oz total) 50:50 with Columbus and Simcoe. Usually use Simcoe, Amarillo and Citra.

No change in technique: dump in 2ndary at room temp, leave 5 days, chill 2 days, and rack off. I have always had tremendous success this way and not gotten any off-flavors with this method.

It is not the “grassy” effect. It is green onion. Mixed with citrus/pine from the Simcoe. It is NOT good.

I have to say it is from the Columbus because that is the only change. I have heard such great things about dry hopping with Columbus. But this batch either needs to mellow or it will be dumped.

Anyone have similar experience, or other possible explanation?

Probably tastes like a beer from Stone :mrgreen:

Columbus + Simcoe would be a LOT of allium (onion/garlic/weed) character. I forget the exact compound, but I’ve always found those are best balanced out in a DH/hop stand with some heavy citrus and/or floral hops (amarillo, citra, cent/cascade).

Have you considered trying a final 4oz dry (or keg) hop with a really juicy citrusy or even a pacific rim hop?

Man, I’ve dry hopped dozens of batches with that combo and never experienced those flavors.

Even the trash bag that I threw the spent pellets into smelled like onions when I threw it out.

I almost wonder if I a bad batch of Columbus. My LHBS is really good though. They generally know their stuff and have very good product on hand.

Yeah, Pietro that is a good idea. Maybe I can overwhelm it with another round of fruity dry hops. I might let it sit awhile first though.

maybe a personal flavor compound threshold?

Maybe the OP forgot to change his scale from grams to ounces and added 32 ounces of columbus?

maybe a personal flavor compound threshold?[/quote]

Doesn’t your HT clone contain a significant amount of both Simcoe and Colulmbus? I think Green Flash IPA does too if memory serves.

Yes, but there’s also an s-load of Amarillo, Centennial, Apollo and some others. Google bear-flavored’s heady topper clone.

I heard about some subpar batches of CTZ going around but that produced some very oniony flavors. This was a while ago though so not sure if that would apply here.

I’ve heard that CTZ can vary from year to year more than others, but that was mostly attributed to the Tomahowk and Zues crops than the Columbus (I think that is right but not sure).

So with what I have on hand I might try a 2nd round with 1 oz each: Chinook, Centennial, Amarillo, Citra. How does that sound?

Sounds tasty!

Chinook may be a little piney for what you already have, but I do usually get grapefruit from those as well.

I have a keg of Denny’s RIPA on tap which dry hops with Columbus and I don’t pick up any onion based flavors. Actually did an all Columbus pale ale last summer and it was delicious. Maybe bad batch?

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