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First brew think I pitched yest to hot looks ok I think

I think I pitched my yest to hot into the starter I made. But I think the fermentation is ok just not sure have a look and see.

Smells kinda fruity banana so I assume its ok was not so sure about the brown on top allot of bubbles in the air lock so its working on something :slight_smile:

it is fermenting, and the brown layer is normal. if it’s too hot the yeast will start to produce off favors. But a warm starter isn’t as much of an issue but pitching the starter into hot wort can be a problem

How hot did you add the yeast to the starter? How hot did you add the starter to the wort in the fermenter?

Starter was close to 105 I really had fear I cooked all my yest but its fermenting well photo was at 14 hours into the carboy. Pitched starter into the wort around 80 so I figure its was ok. Was really more worried about if I cooked my yeast in the starter. Thinking about a my next brew already lol

you really need to get your temps down.

Next time add your yeast to the starter closer to 70.

And you REALLY need to pitch your starter into the wort colder than 80 degrees. Fermentation generates heat, so it could be fermenting at 85 or higher. For a good ale you want your wort to be in the mid to low 60s. It will still ferment at 80, but the yeast will produce a lot of unwanted biproducts at such high temperatures.

To help keep fermentation cool, search the forum and the Internet for ‘swamp cooler’

If I can read your strip thermometer the beer is in the 72-47 degree range which is OK for an ale, depending on the yeast. Looks like you have beer!

I like to ferment my beers in the 60-65* range.

See my signature line for help keeping the temps down.

Yea I know I pitched hot tried to not pitch my wort so hot but was getting late so I did it anyway. Temps down to 68-70 range atm. Still maybe little warm but not to bad. Figure I will invest in a wort cooler for next batch. I just need to wait a little more next time. Got in a hurry when I should not have. Next time I will do better :slight_smile:

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