First brew - quick question

I started my first home brew using the Caribou Slobber extract kit yesterday. I steeped the specialty grains before realizing that I wouldn’t have time to finish the entire brew process before having to leave the house. So, I have a partial mash that’s been sitting, covered over night, to which I still need to add my extract/hops and boil.

I’m assuming, since I haven’t yet boiled this batch, that the partial mash I have from the specialty grains should be fine to finish today. Would this be an accurate assumption? If anybody has any advice/thoughts on what to do (or not do), please let me know.

Any and all help is appreciated; Hoping my first brew will go off without a hitch!

Should be fine. Similar to doing an AG overnight mash. Just pick up where you left off, and happy brewing!

Thank you, sir! I’d figured as much, but your confirmation will give me peace of mind!

As mentioned, you are probably fine. The issue is there is bacteria on the grain that can cause the wort/liquid to spoil/sour.

Best practice would be to bring it to a boil for 5 minutes. Place a lid on it and allow to cool. Or place in the fridge to rapid cool. Then keep it in the fridge until you can finish. Within a day or so. Or it will start fermenting on it’s own.

Okay, so I finished my boil and transferred to my primary on Monday night. I had good kraeusen and the airlock was bubbling after 12 hours in the primary, but the kraeusen has subsided and the bubbling stopped completely after about 72 hours. It’s been 5 days in the primary now with no further activity; would it be safe to rack to a secondary, or should I wait at least a few more days?

Take a gravity reading. If you’re at or near your final gravity then you can rack. The other option is to just leave it in primary for the whole time. I rarely ever use secondary anymore, my SOP is primary for 3 weeks, then keg.