First brew question

Just finished the boil and transfer to my one gallon jug. My issue is that it only made about 2/3 or less of a gallon and its pretty dark (I’m making a brown ale). Would it be an option to add more water at some point to avoid it being too concentrated or strong?

You can add water to it right now. Boil the water to sanitize it then cool it before adding.

Or add distilled water. I always have a gallon or two on hand for the iron, steam mop etc, or when I over boil. Good luck!

This isn’t my thread but…

When I was following the directions from NB they just said “add water”, never mentioned boiling it or using distilled. Is my batch ruined if I added regular tap water to top it off in the carboy?

You’ll likely be fine by adding tap water but boiled water is sanitary and there should be no worries with infection risks.