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First brew in temperature control

I brewed a Bavarian Heffeweizen and have in a temp controlled fridge. What is a good temp for it? I love franziskaner hefe. I want something close to that taste profile I can get just from fermentation temp control. I love that banana bread taste it gives you. It is at 71 and active fermentation just started up today. The head is small with nice micro bubbles on it.

I fermented my heffe in the beginning of Dec at 65*… I didn’t get any of those nuances… but then it was a very dark wheat concoction… My thought is to ferment warmer… Sneezles61

When using WY 3068 under pitch and ferment towards the warm side for this yeast to get the most banana flavor. You’ve already pitched so just ferment on the warm side.

Did you use WY 3068?

I like the clove this yeast produces with a hint of banana. I over pitch and ferment cool with this yeast.

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