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First Brew in KEggle

Good morning,
Just bought and converted old keg to keggle. I have been doing extract kits for 2 plus years without issue and always do the 2-3 galloon boil start in my little 5 gallon kettle. Now, I have the Keggle and would like to start doing Full volume boils.

My question is what should my beginning Boil amount be for water before boil off? 5gallon batch of beer, should I start with 7 gallons of water and assume i will get 2 gallons of boil off over my 60 minute boil?

If there is a number everyone uses on FVB, I would love to know. I would like to not have to put any water in to bring it to my 5 gallon volume at the end of the boil.

Brewing a Milk Chocolate Stout tomorrow morning for Fathers day.



I’d start with 7.5 gallons. You can always boil a bit longer to evaporate. Then learn your system and adjust on the next brew. I start with 25 gallons and end up with 22 after 75 minutes if that helps.

Brewing a Milk Chocolate Stout tomorrow morning for Fathers day.



Thumbs up to the father’s day brew.

My wife asked me about a week ago what I wanted to do on Father’s day (I have a 14, 11 and 8 year old). I very quickly said “brew beer on the back porch”. She then said “No, I meant as a family”. guess I didn’t answer that quite right. regardless we are going to park in the morning to cook pancakes and hang out (we cook in cast iron over those grills they have, it is fun) then doing the breakwater pale ale in the afternoon

I generally start with 7 gallons and end with 5.5 (using a 10 gal bayou classic, not a keggle). My preference is to start a bit low then top up if needed rather than boil longer to reduce volume.

That’s key. Different variables can affect your boil-off. I start with about 7.5 in a keg to end up with 5.5 in the fermenter.
The tube off my MT is marked so I hit the same starting volume every time.

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