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First brew day tomorrow

Tomorrow is my first brew day and first brew is Northern Brewer Chinook IPA. I want to find a beer that compares to the Chinook to drink while we brew and to have around until mine is ready around Christmas Eve. I noticed somewhere that if you like the Sierra Nevada then you would probably like the Chinook. I bought a 12 pack of Sierra Nevada pale ale but when I got home and looked it was the torpedo IPA that was mentioned. Oh well this ain’t bad stuff and I will have bottles. Anyone have a good suggestion on a similar tasting beer to the Chinook. I am in East Texas so it needs to be something I can find local. Thanks

I don’t think there are Chinook hops in Torpedo. Bigfoot is bittered with them and has some for finishing. Don’t want to down too many of them while brewing or mistakes can be made :open_mouth:

Thanks, won’t down to many just want to stay hydrated.

Can I come over? I enjoy the “torpedo’s”! Sneezles61

Drink slow when brewing, or better still wait till after. Drunken brewers make less good beer.

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I will second that JMCK… My brew time improves too… Maybe cause my hands can keep the cleaning and such going… If I have a brew in one hand… not much I can do with the other… It just kinda ends up in my pocket… wasting time… Sneezles61

Don’t have the torpedoes sneeze. Kinda wish that I did.

Damn the torpedo’s!!:sunglasses: Sneezles61

I am working on my boil. Have about 20 min left. Going over the instructions I have a question. When I add the yeast should it be stirred in or just added?

Which yeast are you using? Don’t for get to cool the wort down to, or better yet, below the fermentation temperature.

edit: Carboy or bucket?

It’s safale us-50. Just put wort in sink to cool. Ferminting in bucket.

If you can, get it down to 63-65… then just sprinkle on top! A nice cool, dark place to ferment… Sneezles61

Make sure to shake the by jezus out of the wort to oxygenate it

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Thanks everyone. Got it cooled and in bucket now cooling a little more. Don’t know if I made a mistake but the gravity only reads 1.035-1.040. should be 1.053. any ideas

I think I did it all by the directions. Took my time and all. Maybe overthinking it. It’s in the bucket and we will see what happens. It’s just beer. Thanks again.

If it’s extract you probably have a larger volume than the recipe. Yo could add some DME

Thanks but I don’t think volume is the was below the 5 gal. mark on the bucket. When I boiled it did not do a real hard boil. It was boiling just not rolling. Could that have caused it.

If it’s an extract kit and your volume is good then maybe you didn’t get all the extract into the pot. If it’s all grain then that’s a different animal

Your OG will be as the recipe states when brewing with extract if you used all of the fermentables and the volume is correct in the fermentor. It is difficult to get all the extract mixed well to have a SG sample that is not either high or low in sugars. The yeast will take care of the mixing. I don’t check OG anymore when brewing all extract.

You may have exactly 5 gallons in the bucket or you may not. The factory markings on buckets, kettles, etc. are often incorrect. I marked all of my carboys at the 5 gallon level by adding an exact measure of water to each one. Might be worthwhile to add gallon marks to your bucket before the next brew.

edit: Maintaining a stable fermentation temperature is the thing to watch now.

Thanks for the help folk. I really don’t know. I will just wait and see and hopefully it will be drinkable.

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