First Blowoff!

I just brewed the NB Cream Ale. After the first 24 hours of fermentation I had Krausen all the way up the airlock bubbling out of my 3 piece airlock. I did not have a blow off tube, nor did I have tubing wide enough to fit over my 3 piece airlock. So what I did was remove the airlock and bung and covered the fermentor with a sanitized piece of aluminum foil for 24 hours. The krausen continued to flow out and underneath the foil. I cleaned and sanitized the airlock and bung. After the krausen seemed to die down, I removed the foil and cleaned the overflow on the outside of the fermenter with a sanitized rag and replaced the bung and airlock.

Will my beer be ok? I made sure to sanitize everything and I tried to limit the time the fermenter was uncovered to as little as possible. Do you think I may have risked bacteria getting in, or did the removal of the airlock disturb the fermentation in any way?

Has this happened to anyone? Your thoughts?

You’ll be fine. I had the exact same thing happen two days ago. I posted a thread about it too. :wink: