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First bigger beer problems

I brewed an arrogant bastard clone yesterday. 1.080 OG. Did a 2L starter. Everything went well except when I woke this morning, my airlock was full of foam and my beer was going off. Great fermentation. So I made a makeshift blowoff tube. My sanitation was good and I had whiskey in the airlock. My blowoff is working great but there is a ton I foam in the sanitizer. My questions are, will my beer be ok with the overflow I had? How do you prevent this with big beers? Larger fermenter? I use a bucket an a carboy.


Keep your fermentation temps in the low 60’s. Start with a blow off hose.

Your beer will be fine.

Thanks. Another issue I’m having is the temp keeps climbing. I have had a wet shirt and Gannon it all day any my fermometer is reading 74. I have never let one get that high. How much will it affect my flavor?

That is a question that can’t be answered. Time will tell.

Do you have it in a bucket of water with the T-shirt? Add some ice (frozen soda bottles) to drop the waters temp. 1-2 is fine. Change them out 2-3 times a day.

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