First BIAB brew today

im brewing a replicator recipe out of the May-June issue of BYO. The Wit Album it’s called. It’s my first BIAB, and I’m conserned about PH. I have the ph test but no lactic acid. I’m a procrastinator, I’ll admit that. No big deal??? What’s a substitute for lactic acid?

      Better to have and not need!!!

Acidulated malt or citric acid , phosphoric acid however these are unlikely to be laying around the house you’ll probably have to take your chances this time.

Oooooo citric acid is something I have! Will that affect the taste? And what amount would you recommend? 1/2 tsp at a time?

Citric acid definitely will impart a different taste. It can definitely give a fruity kind of a juicy fruit gum kind of flavor and in large amounts will definitelyruin your beer. I would use no more than 1 g Up to about 1.2 g which is about .4 teaspoon. At least until you get a feel for what you like using this.

It’s a wit so that might not be such a bad thing, might be interesting! Thanks for the tips!

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Also disclaimer I would definitely use a program such as Brun water to guide water chemistry as adding any acid to your beer blindly is a crapshoot . I have used lactic acid and citric acid before and beer but only when I knew what the effect would likely be.