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First beer has no finish or depth

So, after brewing my first beer (honey porter) I let it ferment for 2 weeks, then sit in a bottle for 2 weeks and when it was finally time to taste it, I was a tad disappointed. It didn’t taste off or anything, the flavor upfront was actually quite good, but it has absolutely no finish on the palate, and no depth as far as flavor goes. Almost a watery mouthfeel. Do I need to let it sit in the bottles longer? I only refrigerated one. How long does it take a beer to develop its character in the bottle? I just bottled a batch of black IPA today, and just put deadringer IPA into the fermenter today as well and want them to be as satisfying as possible. Any advice? Thanks.

sounds to me like you may have to mash at a higher temp. that is if it was all grain?

It could have been the honey. Unlike malt sugars that are about 75% fermentable, honey is 100% fermentable. Thus, the sugars in honey convert 100% to alcohol and leave you with no sweetness or body, and in fact tends to thin out the beer. You will probably have better luck with the other beers without honey.

If not it could also be your yeast selection and fermentation temperature. Keep things cool, mid-60s Fahrenheit. And some yeasts are just harder workers than other, and the harder they work, the thinner the beer gets. So you could play with different yeast strains as well.

What is your bottle conditioning temperature? Did you get a good hiss of escaping CO2 when you opened the bottle and very little head retention?

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