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First batch!

I have my first kegged beer! YAY!

The fridge is at 38 degrees. I’m looking to get roughly 2.5 volumes of CO2. It has been at roughly 14 psi for a week… When pouring the beer it came out way with way to much foam! I just double checked the chart. I am suppose to be at 12psi for the 2.5 volumes?

Any words of wisdom with fore carbonating and serving PSI?

Thanks alot!

Your beverage line is to short.

You have the standard 5’ picnic line?

Start with 15’ and cut the line until you get a good pour.

Or 4 epoxy mixers in the line may get you there. Put 2 in and see how it pours. Add more if needed.

The line is 5 foot. epoxy mixers? ... Pid=search

part #4AUW9

Or you can buy the glue/mixers at Ace/Home Depot/Walmart.

They will restrict the flow of the beer. Acting like additional line length.

Here is one write up on it. I’ve found it works well just putting the spirals in the line by the picnic tap. No need too splice them in. ... ow-control

Some don’t like the idea of these plastic items in contact with their beer. So you could also take some smaller tubing from the plumbing section of the store and put a piece of that in the line.

I had the 5’ line on my first keg. Changed to 10’ lines and it fixed the problem. I bought 1/4"ID tubing at the home depot for less than $5 for 20’.

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