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First batch with NB

So I brewed my first batch with NB caribou slobber. What is a good temperature to ferment this beer at? I usually keep my house at 70-72. It has been approx 1 hour since pitching the yeast and the fermentor is already bubbling. Should I move this to a cooler spot or have I done everything right?

Thank you and cheers,


Which yeast?

I like to have my beer fermenting in the mid 60’s. So you need an air temp in the low 60’s to high 50’s. Unless it’s a Sasion, then I go for the upper 60’s wort temp with WY3711.

See my signature line for ways to keep the temp down if you don’t have a room close to 60.

I used the danstar dry yeast that came standard with the kit. I will move it to a cooler spot in the house when I get off my shift. After reading the replies I think 65 degrees should work well. I have never seen fermentation start that quickly before, even if my last kit was MR. beer

I also kept mine in the mid 60’s and I used the dry yeast as well. I find, after a few weeks in the keg, its very smooth and enjoyable.

I moved my fermentor downstairs where it is at around 65-67 F. I am still curious as to why I was seeing and hearing bubbling in the airlock so quickly.


If you had chilled it below ambient temp before pitching, it would push out air when it warms.

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