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First batch with Mysterium Kveik

Finally got around to brewing some beer. Trying out the Ehwaz Nordic yeast so I’m keeping it very simple.

9 Lbs LME
1 Lb Crystal 20 steeped 20
2 oz Magnum 60
1 oz Centennial 5

Cool and ferment at room temp. Ambient should be 73° that the a/c is set at.

Wish me luck! Brewing with the very basics during winter.

BTW Weren’t Ehwaz the furry little guys in Star Wars?

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WHEW… Musta took a hit in the wallet… drinking all that pre made brews… Sneezles61

Based on my experience with Kveik I’d say warm it up a bit if you can. Mine fermented at about that temp and I feel like it underperformed. I think it finally attenuated a bit more in the keg but it took a while.


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I’m doing a Kveik Stout atm and at 73F went from 1.044 to 1.013 in a week.

Guess I could put the bucket out on the porch @dannyboy58 Supposed to be 83 today. This morning it is fermenting nicely though. Last winter when used Hornindal the attenuation was not good. Keep in mind it was fermented warm, kegged and never chilled. Served it through my jockey box. I don’t really have space or the go ahead from my wife for another fridge. I’m actually considering bottling this batch :scream: something I almost never do.

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I just bottled a brown ale off the keg. Was kinda fun as I don’t do it often. Not fun enough where I plan on doing it more either. :joy:

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I often bottle that last gallon or so off the keg to move the pipeline along and to have some bottles for sharing. But I agree a full keg is alot of work.

Thats a good idea… Out with the old… in with the new! Sneezles61

Update: This has been in the bottle for just over three weeks. I used Coopers 25oz PET plastic bottles and Flars method Domino dots, two per bottle. Carbonation is less than desired so far so I will wait a little longer on that.

Taste wise the yeast is super clean for the fermentation temp. I don’t really detect much if any flavor from the yeast. The Magnum bittering hops may hide any.

So bottom line it that this is a great yeast to ferment without temp control. I still have two more strains to try and will report any news.

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