First Batch Questions

This is my first attempt at home brewing, and I am using the small batch starter kit to make the Irish Red Ale. When I was siphoning into the fermentor I believe I may have got a bit more sludge than intended. The batch is quite dark and muddy on the inside, and I may have added a little more yeast than the instructions specified.( Added probably around 3/4 of the yeast rather than 1/2 on mistake) Would either of these things affect the fermentation? Will the amount of sludge ruin the batch?

Since I am new to this craft, I worry I may have ruined my first batch. Any advice to improve my brewing day experience would be much appreciate.

no, you are ok. the sludge is coldbreak and will be left behind when you transfer. and as far as the yeast, the more the better,up to a certain point and i’m sure you haven’t reached that point.

Thanks for the reply, it makes me feel a little more confident in my first attempt haha