First Batch problems

I had a buddy send me a kit. so last monday (dec 24th) i brewed up the irish red. I followed the instructions very closely. It has been almost a week now and there have not been any air bubbles. i opened it up and took this pic. not sure what i should be looking for. when i added the yeast i just sprinkled it on top. not sure if i should have mixed it in or not. the video seemed to indicate that i should just sprinkle it. any thoughts would be appreciated.

Looks normal. Give it another week, then you can bottle

Looks normal. You said it has only been a week and the krowsen has already collapsed temps may have been a little warm but nothing to worry about. as they say RDWHAHB. oh and with a bucket like this most people will tell you that no bubbles in the air lock is not a sign that things have gone wrong the lids tend to leak. let sit for 1 to 2 more weeks and bottle. Enjoy. Cheers

+1. I didn’t realize how true this was until I started doing 8 gallons batches split into two 5-gallon buckets. The first batch I did this way I used one lid with a gasket, and one without (all I had on hand). The fermentor with the gasket was constantly bubbling, even squirted a little krausen into the airlock; the fermentor without the gasket showed no life whatsoever. Both buckets fermented out the the same FG, had the same yeast pitched, etc.