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First batch of cider

I’ve went ahead and ordered some champagne yeast, although people seem to dislike it.

I’ve prepped 10 gallons of ascorbic acid-preserved Mott’s and some other generic brand apple juice

I already have carboys and other stuff, including pH controls, stabilizers and clearers.

I also bought Splenda for backsweetening and have sugar on-hand for carbonation.

Now, I’ve never been one to measure OG or pH or calculate stuff, I just check for fermentation, leave my brews for a safe duration of time and bottle for a safe duration of time.

How long do you guys normally do your ciders? I was thinking 2 month fermentation, 2 month bottle aging, since it’s a bit high on the alcohol. Would that be about right? Or should I stop the fermentation mid-alcohol to cut down on production time? I don’t want this bottlenecking my other planned meads and beers as I only have 2 carboys.

I plan on backsweetening, but wouldn’t just adding splenda into an opened bottle of the finished product be the same as adding splenda then bottling? That’s something I was thinking about, to leave it dry and backsweeten per bottle upon opening.


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