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First batch of cider ruined? No yeast activity?

Hi all!

I tried my hand at cider last weekend. Went to my local farmers market and picked up 5 gallons of pasteurized orchard cider.

I poured 4 1/2 gallons into my fermenter, then dissolved 2 2/3 cups sugar in the other half gallon. Cooled that half gallon, added it to my fermenter, and then sprinkled some US-05 on top.

I didn’t have any air lock activity all week, which worried me a bit, but I wanted to give it some time. I took a gravity reading this evening and it’s still at 1.060

So it’s obvious that the US-05 didnt do anything. So, now I’m wondering if I can pitch another packet of US 05? Or is the batch ruined?

Thanks in advance!

I would oxygenate and add yeast nutrients. Did you make sure there was no other ingredients in it like potassium sorbate?

I will have to pick up some nutrients.

Also, didn’t really check if there were anything else in and I already threw away the gallon jugs…

In hindsight I would suggest checking. I thought I scored some last year as it said “pasteurized.” As I was excitedly showing my wife ( I make it for her as she LOVES it) I saw where they added potassium sorbate to retain flavor or something of the like. Put it back on the shelf.

So, update on this. I tried checking this past week by going to the same farmers market and sadly the stand was not there.

I transferred the batch to a 5 gal carboy, and put in some yeast nutrient and actually repitched some WLP 775…and so far no activity. I’m going to take a gravity reading tonight…but I think I have to scrap this batch.

Sorry man, doesn’t sound good.

Ive been looking into making a batch for a Halloween party my family is throwing in late October. Everything I’ve read, u can only really use pasturized juice that has no preservatives or additives. Those additives basically at them to kill the wild yeast and bacteria so there is no fermentation while it sits on the shelves (similar to potassium metabisulphate or Campden Tablets). If your going to try again, make sure it is in fact pasteurized but has no additives or preservatives (with exception to Vitamin C). Also, people seem to have great succcess adding regular DME (2lbs per five gallon batch). I have a great caramel apple recipe im going to be trying this weekend and I have any issues like this i’ll letcha know. Goodluck with the next batch!

This is why I usually just use apple juice. Often the only additive they have is vitamin C. I think I add a cup of sugar per gallon of juice. Its more of an apple wine, but people love it.

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