First batch in several years (kids, work, life)

I haven’t brewed in a couple years, I was with the wife plant shopping and happened to be near NB and decided been long enough. I stopped in and purchased a RyePA extract kit. Starting with extract then back into all grain.

Yesterdays brew session went smoothly with no problems, kind of like riding a bike you never forget how. Now just plotting my next batch.

Woot Woot! Back in the saddle!

Love it.

Our first is about to turn one, and while she is a pretty agreeable/low-maintenance kid, time is just vaporizing, and time to brew is even more sparse. I brew BIAB on my system, then I also split batches with a friend who has a 1/2 bbl. The 1/2 bbl brew days are a minimum of 5-6 hours, many of which are spent standing around. Those brewdays are harder and harder to come by.

I can knock out a BIAB batch in about 3 1/2 hours start to finish, so I need to start prepping a brew (crush grains) one night after she goes to bed, then I can start my mash the following night a little before she goes to bed, then I can do the work-intensive stuff (boil, chill, cleanup) after she’s out.

I HIGHLY recommend BIAB if time is a factor. And investing in a Blichmann burner!