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First attempt using Brun'water

I’ve taken my first shot at using Brun’water and here’s what I came up with:

5 gallon batch–(BIAB)

8.5 lbs. 2 row pale
1 lb. English med. crystal
.5 lb. English choc. malt

Using distilled water, the tables show that I need no additions of any kind. Have I royally misinterpreted this, or does it sound right?

FWIW, this is NB’s St Paul Porter


Yes, I think you must be missing something.
After all, starting with DH20, you will have to at least add calcium, and either chloride or sulfate(or both).
Also, what water profile did you base it on?
I think you need to take another look at it.

Thanks, Jim. I used the Black bitter profile. I’ll go back and give it another try.



I found part of my problem. Figured out I had to play with the amount of additions myself-thought that was going to be automatically done by the spreadsheet, but I get it now. Just a matter of plugging in additions till I get the right combination. Still having difficulty figuring how to calculate acid. I’ll keep plugging.



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