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First all grain brew

Hey guys I am new to the board so firstly, I would like to say Hello. In a few weeks I want to do my first all grain brew. Does anybody have a recipe for a nice, refreshing summer ale?

Thanks guys,

I would start off looking at our host’s all grain kits; they have a lot of really solid options to start out with. EPA’s are good. Their ESB is great. The Innkeeper is a big seller too and a really nice beer.

I like the speckled heffer kit. That’s my go to summer beer. Extra pale ale or chinook ipa are good choices also.

Thanks guys!

I would chime in a many votes for innkeeper. This is a hard one to mess up. Real simple recipe clean flavors with decent hoppiness. The wyeast 1469 is the match for this beer as it adds a mineral snap or crispness. I always keep a keg of this around I consider it my house beer.

for your first all grain I would start with a amber or brown. Light color beers are more delicate and don’t hide slight off flavors. by going with a darker and hoppy beer first time small mistakes can be masked by the stronger flavors. after you have your process down light color low hopped beers will be easier to be successful brewing.

That’s a good point above. I feel like hoppy beers are the easiest to make because if you mess something up it will most likely be hidden by the overwhelming hop flavor.

I agree in regard to the amber/brown being more forgiving. But, if you are looking to do something lighter, I would agree with The Innkeeper - just brewed a batch for summer this past week. Others - Kolsch is always great in the summer. American Wheats are nice summer beers too. moderately hopped american pale ales. Any would be great on a hot day.

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