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First All Grain Batch

Going to brew my first all grain batch in 2 weeks. Any suggestions on what would be an “easy” introductory batch for All Grain!!

WOOHOO! Did I mention I am excited!! I have been doing extract for 2 years, with the successful completion of my first lager back in July.

How long should I plan for my first all grain brew day? Any additional equipment that I may need (besides the basic all grain system) to help with the process.

As always thanks for the input!

I have only done about 8 or 10 all grain batches (maybe more, I lose track) but don’t go for a huge beer for your first effort. It is a lot more work and you need to make the first few as easy as possible to get the process down.

I recommend either the Cream Ale or Innkeeper kits. I just brewed the Innkeeper and my brew day was the smoothest yet.

How long? I am still in the 5-6 hour range from finalizing and printing recipe to clean up. I could cut an hour out if I did my recipe in advance (entering into Beersmith and tweaking) and crushed my grains ahead of time.

thanks 560…I expected at least 6 hours for the first batch. The InnKeeper sounds good…may try that one.


Mine is in primary now. Nice part about this one is that you can go from grain to glass pretty quickly, I think

IMO, no beer will be harder or easier to make than the other. Even a wheat beer. The likelihood of a stuck sparge is minimal. It’s all soaking the grain and draining the wort.

Except the big OG beers. You may be disappointed with your efficiency on them being your 1st AG.

I was only suggesting that because I just brewed it and it was by far my easiest brew day yet. The lower gravity meant less grains to grind, mash, sparge and clean up. Beyond that, you are correct, the process is all the same.

It could take you only 5 or 6 hrs. but it might take 8 or so, it all depends on your set up. Don’t rush it all, take your time and you’ll be an all grainer for life. Cheers and beers.

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