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First AG

Just did my first AG via BIAB yesterday. Made 2 gallons and it’s sitting behind me in my office fermenting away.

Made a south England style brown ale. I got real close to my numbers. Estimated a post boil OG of 1.046 and came out with 1.048. Probably only about a pint more than 2 gallons, too. I’m really looking forward to it when it finishes. The wort has a bit of chocolate/coffee flavor to it that I love about brown ales. I think it will balance nicely when finished!

Let’s see if I can be this consistent on my next batch!

take notes and you will. congrats.

I think once you taste your finished product you will have a hard time going back to extract. It will just taste that much better. If not you have better control over your recipee to tweek it to just the flavor you like. Congrats on the switch and good brews in the future.

Yeah, I’m making sure to take notes.

As far as it tasting better than extract, I can already smell the difference. Just so much more there for my nose to explore! Now, the question is can I wait a month for it to ferment and condition.

Listen to the man!

Congrats on your first foray into AG–it certainly will not be your last.

Yeah, I’ve already got the ingredients for my next batch. Gonna do a dry Irish stout next. Just need more fermenter space (between the wine and the beer, I’ve run out of places to put stuff!

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