First AG today

So I finally found the time to do my first AG batch and did a Stone IPA clone. Not sure what I did wrong, but came in at 1.055 and should have been 1.065 for the OG. I can live with that as long as it tastes good.

I used a hop spider and found it odd that the wort did not really have any hoppy flavor at all and seemed very malty. I sure hope I used it correctly. :slight_smile: The dry hop will help I’m sure.

Pitched at 72 and now the wait begins.

Congratulations!!. Get your fermentations temps down to the lower third of the yeast recommended range.

With out the recipe only general ideas can be tossed out.

  1. The recipe is built on a higher efficiency that what you are able to achieve.
  2. Your crush was poor.
  3. you water volume is off.

And what Wasup said, get those temps down to the mid 60’s.

I know…I know…I need to get the temps down :slight_smile: I just got over zealous… We will see how it turns out.

Assuming you batch sparged, what was the temp of the water after you added it to your grains in order to sparge. I missed a gravity reading by the same amount once and i always figured it was because i didn’t have my sparge water hot enough.

Now that you’ve made the move to all grain, you need to start thinking more about your water. I recommend either getting a detailed mineral content report from your local water department, or sending a sample of it to Ward Labs for analysis. DO NOT use “softened” water for brewing; it often has way too much sodium. Also download a copy of Bru’n Water, and read the chapters in John Palmer’s How To Brew relating to the effects of minerals/ions and mash pH on mash efficiency and beer flavor (ie sulfate:chloride ratio affects relative maltiness vs hopiness). Welcome to the world of all grain!

I tried a no sparge, but what I did was hold back 2 gallons and put that in after the 60 minute mash. I only heated it to 170 and after pouring it in the temp never really change and stayed at 150ish. I’m still learning and will try something different next time, like get it to 190 or higher.

I agree, I never use soft water to brew. This time I actually used natural spring water from the Miller spring in Eden Prairie. I have read allot about water and I’m waiting to see how my first few turn out doing nothing to the water.