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First AG batch

Im planning on attempting my first all-grain batch, I’ve done 2 extract kits so far. I was wondering if I really need a tiered system to make a all-grain batch? I have northern brewers beginners kit and a 5gal carboy. What exactly is all required for AG brews?

The bare minimum:

From there, only your pocket book is your limit.

No you do not need a tiered system, in fact I began brewing with only a grain mill, 15 gallon pot, burner, half a propane cylinder, two 6 gallon carboys, and a large cotton bag. I brewed my first All Grain in the Brew In A Bag method and it turned out nicely. I no longer do BIAB method because I made my own mash tun and counter flow chiller.
If you want to do all grain BIAB the main concerns is having a large enough pot ~10 Gallons, a large cloth bag (nylon/cotton)
If you want to do AG, you can either buy or make a mashtun. In my experience it is always cheaper to make a mashtun. If you have the money you could also buy it.
I just wanted to point out that doing AG is not exactly rocket science, it can be if you want to control you beer every step of the way. When I stepped into AG the only experience I had was making Mr. Beer extract which was only 2 gallons and hardly what I call making beer. After making 3 batchs and doing a months worth of research on AG it turns out the only difficult part was that brewer’s use fancy words when something much more simpler could be just. If you have the time and the know how you should consider making your own all grain equipment it is definetly worth the money and time with DIY brewing projects.

This is a stove top method I use for smaller all grain batches

And it goes without saying that that you can’t beat Denny’s Cheap and Easy brewing methods.


[quote=“Nighthawk”]The bare minimum:

From there, only your pocket book is your limit.[/quote]This is the method I have used for several batches. It would be nice to have a brew sculpture with pumps & dodads…but I really don’t have a place to store all that stuff.

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