First AG batch ..question

First off , I would like to say hello to all of you here on this forum.I have not posted here in a very long time.

Seven weeks ago I brewed my first AG batch (Petite Saison 5 gal)
Brewed with Wyeast french Saison smack pac and put irish moss in at the last 15 min. of boil.

OG 1.058…one week primary…two weeks secondary…FG 1.006
bottled with 1 cup corn sugur. After 3 weeks the beer was very clear and threw one in the ice box for 36 hours.The beer turned cloudy and still had a slight sweet taste to it.I have brewed 96 5 gal batches all with LME and 6 were the same as this one and the beer turned out very dry and crisp. Did I do something wrong or do I need to let it sit in the bottle another month or so…

Any help on this would be great,thanks Magnum :shock:

Sounds like you’ve got chill haze and the beer needs more time to finish conditioning in the bottle. I would think at 1.006 it would be pretty dry. Did you taste your hydrometer sample at bottling? What did it taste like?

To me 1 cup of corn sugar seems like way too much priming sugar for 5 gallons -
it’s probably still carbing up and on the way to being over-carbed.

Thanks for the reply guys,

To Kcbeersnob,
I did not taste at bottling, but I did taste the wort when I took my OG reading. It was sweet,and a buttery bread like flavor.I did not taste any off flavors. I looked up chill haze and there were a lot of things that can cause it. One of the ways to prevent chill haze was to boil more vigorously.I just bought a new 8 gallon brew kettle to do this AG brewing, I should have bought a 10 gallon.This batch I had about 6 1/2 gallons of wort after the mash out and it was hard to get a good rolling boil without a nasty boil over.Well another $120.00 for a brew kettle, ( my wife is going to love that) but making good BEER is what it’s all about…thanks

To Harpdog,
I checked my brew log and my first 62 batchs where primed with 5/8 cup corn sugar and most came out low carb , so I kept adding more untill I got to the 1 cup. The last 31 batchs have been primed with 1 cup and I have not had a over carbed problem yet. I will let you know how it turns out after I let it sit for another 3 weeks…thanks for your input

Thanks again Magnum :cheers: