First 80/- this weekend

Anyone have any pointers? Was planning on doing a 1 gallon early kettle carmelization (will reduce down to .25-.5 gallon then do the rest of my boil). Doing Jamil’s recipe and using a 3rd pitch of US-05. May also do a single decoction just to raise it up to mash out.

A really good brewer in one of my clubs brews one and does his carmelization with some molasses. I have some lying around, and thought I might use it up.

If going the kettle caramelization route just drain one gallon into a kitchen pot and boil it on your stovetop while you’re boiling the rest on your burner. No need to wait that way.

If it were me I would pick one of the three routes. Decoction, kettle caramelization or molasses. It’s a pretty simple beer and I think it should remain that way. And without too much too it you don’t want to overdo things. Either way cheers, I like a good 80.

Nice thanks man. With my process, a single decoction to mashout actually helps with a more efficient brewday for me, so I might just stick to that and the kettle carmelization, just because I’m weird. I’ll save my molasses for my 2013 old ale!