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First 80° day

I love this giddy feeling I get on a beautiful Friday in the spring. Had to skip out of work early and enjoy a nut brown ale on the deck and plan an early morning brew day tomorrow…


Nice looking beer but 80° is fairly intolerable to me.

I do enjoy a nice nut brown on a nice cool fall day along side the fire pit, cooking brat dogs on a pitch fork! Beautiful looking drink there! Sneezles61

I miss the northern-type weather… I’ve been in Florida for the past 5 years and 80° still means you’re sweating from heavy humidity.

80* means I’m inside looking out, well, except at work, then I have the new equipment (young guys) do more of the hard work… Sneezles61

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It actually snowed here on Monday so I really get to appreciate warm weather. Truth be told, the brown ale is all I have left for homebrew right now. Wife and kids are at the in-laws for the weekend so going to get some ipa’s made!


Just left Florida a few weeks ago. Left 84 and sunny and Monday here in central NY they are calling for possible “frozen mix”. It’s been pouring rain for days. Next spring we should wait until after mothers day to leave.

Oh well, I have one of those mix your own six packs from the store in the fridge and Belgian style ale on draft that sat all winter in 55° while we were staying warm down south.

Hope this crap ends soon. I’m starting to lose my tan.

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Oh Mark I forgot to tell you that I’m gonna come spend a week in your new place in the Keys next winter. Just a heads up really. Thanks.

It surprising how many offers we get for company. I will start making up a beer request list.

Need some more brewing equipment too? I’ll bring it all down next winter! Sneezles61

Looks like we should have bought a bigger place. :grinning:

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