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First 10 gallon batch a disaster so far

I am making an oatmeal stout with a grain bill of 28lbs. (10gal). Using a 1.5:1 ratio, I calculated just under 11 gallons of strike water. Heated it up and transferred it to my 48qt igloo mlt. The 11gal filled it. No room for grain. Had to move it to my camping cooler where it’s sitting right now resting. Now I’ll have to move it back to my mlt in steps to sparge. How do you do 10gal batches? I guess I just need a bigger mlt?

Definitely bigger mashtun. Remove some water, mash in. Use the Greenbay rackers calculator for figuring out how much space a mash is going to take up.

And go get some tacos…it’s Tuesday after all… taco specials everywhere!

When I do ten gallons I use the greenbay rackers formula to make sure I have room in my cooler. I have a 48qt also and the most I’ve done is 26 lbs of grain at 1.25 qt/lb with a double sparge. It was tight but got good results. I try to do 24lbs and under usually. 28 lbs would probably be over the top literally .

You’re tight! It is Tuesday! Thanks fellas. It all worked out. I’m just gonna go with a bigger mlt.

Limit yourself to 24 or so lbs in the MLT. Make up the remainder gravity with extract for big beers.

Right, not tight. I hate autocorrect.

Make a stiffer mash in the future. I usually do 1.0-1.3 but have gone as low as .85 with success.

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