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Firestone XV anniversary ale

Anyone had the opportunity to try this beer? its a blended barrel aged beer 76% barley wines, 19% stouts, and 5% imperial IPA. at a shocking 12.5% ABV!

I was given one of these beers as a gift, and to say the least, i was extremely grateful, its a 21$ beer!

cant say I’ve ever drank a 21$ beer before… I’m going to crack it open soon and break out the snifter. I’m excited to see what 95 cents an ounce taste like…

Well, i cracked it open and i am drinking it right now. (wanted to post about it before i finish it, to avoid grammar issues due to the 12.5%).

Very dark brown, not ‘stout’ black, but almost. incredibly smooth considering the alcohol; if someone were to hand this too me in a blind taste test, i would guess 9-10%abv. carbonation is a little higher than i like it, but the complexity makes that easy to forget. Hints of vanilla, slight oak, a tiny bit of citrus, dark licorice, and leather, on the nose. The flavor is almost indescribable. Similar to the smell… vanilla, oak, light chocolate, and biscuit. Citrus from the IIPA is very subtle, and the beer is not bitter. very malty yet balanced. Silky. It gets better as it warms. it taste like a very well aged English barleywine, with a little well aged Imperial stout thrown in. complex, and difficult to describe…

I give it a 10 out of 10. and that’s not just because my friend payed 20$. It’s truly excellent. My roomate and i sharing the 22. i would share it with my friend, but he said “im a coors guy, i wouldn’t appreciate it”

$21? I could buy the stuff to brew a couple of batches that I’d know for sure ahead of time I’d like, for $21.

indeed. thus is the joy of homebrewing

Firestone did a tap-takeover at a local bar. I got three bottles. One is signed by David walker, the other two have been aging for almost 6 months. I did have some on draught though the same night. I loved it. Thought it was extremely easy to drink considering the complexity of the beer itself.

Also would give it a 10 out of 10

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