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Firestone Walker's Reserve (Porter)

I’ve read about Firestone for a while, but haven’t had the chance (thank you Missouri law) to try their beers. I got their Walker’s Reserve Porter, and I was thoroughly impressed.
*Aroma - rather subdued for a Robust Porter. It had a bit of toast and a little chocolate, but not one smell overwhelmed another.
*Color - dark (what can I say?)
*Mouthfeel - smooth and silky with low carbonation… don’t remember what the head & retention looked like
*Taste - VERY balanced. I’ve screwed up my own porters with too high an ABV, lending too big of a boozey taste and drowning out the great flavor a porter should have. FW did a great job of keeping the ABV right in the middle of the category @ 5.8% (BJCP - 4.8-6.5%)

So, that’s that. FW’s ratings and reputation certainly live up to their billing in this porter. I can’t wait to have more of their brews. Enjoy!

I had this at a beer tasting at a beer store and it was an immediate favorite. The store had already sold out by the end of the tasting session, so I missed my chance at a sixer, but took a chance on FW Double Jack and was equally impressed with that double IPA. This company flat out brews great beer.


I’m not a big porter drinker, but Union Jack is the best IPA on the shelf (Hopslam, schlopslam), IMO. What law are you talking about? I’ve been getting F/W beer here for 6 months or so - was there a law against it before that?

BrewMU - Yes, each state (although they’re slightly different from each other) “allows” certain alcoholic beverages into their borders. For example, the closest Yuengling products are in Tennessee… Stone has only been here for about six months. Maximum alcohol levels also preclude some brewers from distributing to some states. In other cases, some brewers don’t have the distribution or logistics network to penetrate certain states, and if state laws/regulations aren’t friendly, they don’t bother.

For Missouri, since AB became Belgian-owned, the number of additional beers you can get in the Show-Me state skyrocketed along with the number of craft breweries… strangely coincident. Did the Busch’s have another office in Jefferson City?

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