Firestone Challenger Keg with Curved Dip Tube

A couple of my kegs are Firestone Challenger with a curved liquid dip tube, but without the depressions in the dip tube receptacle for a dip tube with “ears.” So when I tighten the liquid post, the dip tube also turns. The dip tube then scrapes the bottom/side of the keg and the end of the dip tube ends up anywhere but the indentation in the center. May not be a huge problem, but I find this rather annoying.

Certainly I’m not the first person to encounter this stupid design flaw. Anyone have a clever way to keep the dip tube from spinning? I’ve tried holding it with pliers, but have achieved no meaningful success.

I have one like that. Rather than marring up the tube, I turned it an 1/8-1/4 to the left until it lined up with the indent when tightened.
Not clever, but it with trial and error it works.

I never found a way, it works fine wherever it ends up.

I’ve actually thought about replacing them with a straight dip tube, although they may need to be sawed off slightly. They can be had pretty cheap from: … _1377.html

Maybe next time I place an order from them.

Hold the dip tube with a dry rag. Tighten the post down while also holding onto the dip tube. Method works well for me.

[quote=“TG”]I never found a way, it works fine wherever it ends up.
Same here.