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Finishing gravity with no yeast starter

I have a light lager fementing now. O.G. .70 bubbling steady in its 3rd day with no yeast starter. What would you think the finnal gravity should be?


Extract, probably in the 1.020 range.

AG, depending on the the mash temp, 1.015

By not making a starter, the yeast will go through a growth cycle until they reach the population they want to be at. Once there they will eat all the sugars they can. My extracts always finished high. Unless I augmented a good portion of simple sugars in the brew.

6 lbs. lme, 2lbs dme. 1 lb. of base grain and 4 oz of belgium caramel pils. Both grains mashed at 156F for 60 min and then sparged with 170F. By the way, thanks for your input.

I made an oops on the o.g. It was 062. My potential was 7%. Sorry for the misinformation.

It will probably still hit the same FG, eventually. Pitch rates have a direct effect on attenuation rates but not really on apparent attenuation if everything goes well. It will take more out of the wort in the growth phase. You will end up with less alcohol and possibly a little worse head retention.

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