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Finished my Keezer… check it out!

isn’t the more common wisdom to keep the CO2 tank out of the fridge/keezer, as cold CO2 goes into a liquid state, and we want it in a gaseous state?

I ended up with a 7.2 cf chest freezer. Plenty of room it looks like for 3 kegs. Only starting with 1 for now until I get permission from the boss lady to expand. it does have the hump to one side for the compressor, but doesn’t take up that much of the floor space for kegs.

Have it all planned out for Perlick faucets, a 5 pound Co2 tank to start with, 6 foot liquid lines. just need the drip tray still.

For the Co2 outside, I have seen it more commonly inside from the various posts from the interwebz I have seen. Will it really affect pressure and performance that much?

The boiling point of C02 is around -70 degrees fahrenheit, so it isn’t really that much of a factor.

I ordered my faucets from With all due respect for our host sight, you can find Perlick’s cheaper. And from my limited experience, there is no issue to keeping the CO2 tank in the keezer. Just some advice if you have older kids… (and this is from experience), figure out a way to disconnect the hoses and lock the lid if you’re going to leave the kid at home with some friends. :?
Some of my beer was missing! Well I hope they enjoyed it!


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