Finding the right equipment

I moved thus summer without taking day of. Then my wife is having a baby. I’m currently working overnights. The plan is to brew a beer on Wednesday. I have Tusday off t recover and try to find my stuff. Wish me luck. Brew day is Wednesday since my angry toddler will be at preschool.

You should have titled it, finding the time! Brew on! Sneezles61

I’m impressed you young people with family can find anytime to brew. I wanted to brew for years but only really was able to get into it when I became semi retired. :smiley: Age has dome benefits.

Kids and my job probably have me brewing extract until they move out and/or I can become semi-retired. I really can’t complain too much. I still get to play a little guitar here and there, do amateur bike races, and brew beer. Just not like I did when I was single. :cheers:

I actually don’t have an issue with all-grain brewing with 3 young kids. There are more steps and it’s drawn out over a longer period of time, but there is so much down time in between steps where there’s plenty of opportunity to play with the kids, make snacks, etc. With extract, I always was finding myself paying almost all attention to the pot, whether checking temperatures, dissolving extract, adding hops, sanitizing, etc. With all-grain, get all the prep work done the night before, and it’s easy to brew in the background while you’re doing something else.

Plus, everyone wants an opportunity to stir the mash. Not much opportunity for helpers with extract - too much of it involves dealing with boiling liquid in a pot.

Extract makes great beer. A semi local BOP does extract and they wipe the floor with all but the best of homebrews. Full boils, water treatment, fresh extract, and good yeast go a long way. Pretty crazy to think that a bunch of drunk dudes at a bachelor party that never brewed before can crank out beer better than the average AG brewer…

Some of us with young families are really dialing AG process in to shorten brew day. I am under 3 hours most times (dang 30m hopstands on my IPA are kicking my butt). Some other guys are radicals with short boils/no chill/etc are under 2… Best thing that has happened to me was the evolution of dry yeast. I have a stash of ingredients, so I can brew on a minutes notice. Big beer or lager? 2 packs yeast.

My music gear is collecting dust however… :lol:

The brew ended up taking about 5 hours with the searching and cleaning. I would have normally been a little irritated at the lack of efficiency. I’m not sure my toddler would be much help with all grain. He’s 3 and going through one of those phases. Hopefully he outgrows it or he’s going to get punched a lot in bars when he’s older.

I’d agree that extract, especially many of the Northern Brewer kits, make for great beer. Occasionally, I’ll make something great and my home-brew club congratulates me for going all grain. I think the big problem is that most people move on before they’ve got extract dialed in.

My music gear is also collecting dust for the most part. My old house used to have a nicely sound proofed guitar room far away from the bedrooms. Not so much these days. It’s near the bedrooms and not sound proofed. I can maybe grab an acoustic and head to the basement.