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Finally on my feet again!

after beening laid up from an auto accident im finally on my feet again. this brings some concern though. i had a cream ale in my primary when i got into the wreck and it is still in the primary as of right now. it was due to come off around oct 30th or so and couldnt trust my brother to do it as he has no idea what this is all about. my question is, is the brew still good as it has sat in 65-70 temps in my moms basement or is it trash and be thrown away. any help would be appreciated…thanks…rob

Give it a taste. The only worry would be autolysis, but a 3 months on the cake it might not be a problem. If it tastes good, bottle it up. Be sure to reyeast in the bottling bucket to ensure carbonation.

Give it a taste and find out, certainly no reason you can’t drink it if it still tastes good. Could have some off flavors from sitting on the yeast for that long and I suppose you could have some oxidation issues if this is in a plastic bucket, but you won’t know until you try it. Good luck on your continuing recovery!

I’ll bet that if you had good sanitation, it’s all good. Enjoy and glad you are on the mend. :cheers:

instead of re-yeasting can i us priming sugar instead or do you think yeast will carb better than sugar…if so how much yeast to 5 gallons as i never use yeast as a carb before…thanks guys…rob

You will want to add yeast and the regular amount of priming sugar.

2-3 grams of rehydrated dry yeast will be plenty.

The reason you will want to reyeast is because most of the initial yeast has fallen out of suspension, is quite old, and will likely have trouble eating through the priming sugar to carb your beer.

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