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Finally! I did it!

I finally hit my gravity doing all grain. This is my fifth brew and it finally happened. I know for many this is an easy accomplishment, but I had been having a hard time accomplishing this. I’ll vouch for the fact that home brew sculptures definitely complicate the process as opposed to making it easier…but i love my brew sculpture.

BTW, buying a grain mill has a lot to do with finally hitting my marks. Well, that and finally getting beersmith profiles dialed in.

You did pretty good to hit your mark in 5 brews. These things, they take some tune up and practice. Wisdom takes practice. Consistency is key, although I would want to be at least 75% efficient, but regardless, it takes a few times to tune it in. Well done.

What sculpture did you get?

I built my own. Here is a pic. I’ve since added a few things and changed the position of the pump head but pretty close to what it currently looks like. My plans are to add a PID and RIMS tube next.

Nice job! Heck, I’ve been brewing AG for 15 years and I’m still tickled to hit my target gravity!

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