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Finally got a proper drill for crushing grain

Hello all. I just wanted to relay this to everyone. I all-grain brew, and I use a Monster Mill 2 for crushing my grain. I had been using an old (10+ years) Black & Decker 3/8" 3 amp corded drill for running my grain mill until it finally died on me, so I just went and bought a new, more powerful drill from Home Despot: ... mxRMNJJM2x

This new drill is 7 amp, and it is 1000% better than my old drill for crushing grain. Previously, the 3 amp drill had a hard time running the mill at the proper speed (~500 RPM), so I would have to basically have it fully on (1200 RPM) to keep it from jamming; the problem was even worse with harder kernels such as wheat.

I just crushed my first batch of grist with my new 7 amp drill for a Belgian dark strong ale, which included a healthy dose of wheat, and the new drill plowed right through it with no problem. Usually there was a good amount of flour from the old drill due to having to run it at such a high speed, but with the new drill at the proper speed there was significantly less flour produced. I also liked that this drill had a stabilizing handle on the drive shaft which made the process even better. The moral of the story: don’t mess around with an under-powered drill for crushing grain; go get yourself a proper one.


you’re correct that a proper drill makes a difference with a mill, but after messing around with a couple different drills, i went ahead & motorized mine. It is sweet as hell- even has reverse! It’s the way to go if you can swing it. I got the motor from work & ordered the rest so it didn’t cost that much. Something to consider anyway. :cheers:

Two things first you should double crush wheat because of how hard it is first by separating then mixed in with the other grains.
Next running that drill a 1200 rpm is in my opinion is way to fast I only run mine at 250 or 300 rpm.

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