Finally broke a glass carboy

I too don’t fill the glass carboys full with PBW solution. I add about 2-3 gallons at most. Then I take the carboy brush and shove it up and down quickly several times while covering the top around the brush handle to prevent all the splashing from leaving the carboy. Then I come back 5 minutes later to brush whatever is left all the krauzen ring. It usually comes right off. Then I do the splashing thing with the brush again, wait a few more minutes and dump out and rinse.
For you skeptics that think you have to fill the carboy to effectively clean it, keep in mind that those large vats at any food processing plant would never be filled anywhere near full during the cleaning process. Pumps are used to circulate the cleaning solution through high pressure spray nozzles to effectively cover the entire inner surfaces of those vats. I’m sure the big breweries never fill those massive brewing tanks full of PBW. That would be way too costly and a huge waste of water.

Just the other night I made the mistake of setting a bottle of Fat Tire on the counter too close to the edge. Had not even tasted it yet. You guessed it. I just nicked the top and onto the tile floor it went. Twelve oz of beer and a thousand shards of glass. Small cut on toe was the only injury but there was an hour of sopping up beer and finding glass.

So if it is a big carboy or a small bottle be careful with glass containers. I will still use my glass carboys and certainly won’t give up good craft beer in glass bottles.

Have to admit the only thing I have fermenting is in a bucket though.

I’ve had recent bad luck with glass carboys, as well. This is all within the last couple years with 16 years brewing. Why all at once?
The first was a 5.5 gallon sitting on the laundry room floor covered with a towel. I was removing cloths from the dryer and only backed my barefoot heel against it and I heard a light ‘pop’. Beer poured out all over.
The second was after cleaning an acid 6 gallon and a was turning upside down to rest in a carboy stand and it just tapped the breakfast bar. The glass was warm so it caved into itself and I cut a slice into my middle finger at the fingerprint. I lost feeling there for the next year.
I almost have anxiety attacks using glass carboys anymore. I now primary in cornys, transfer with co2 and serve. All Stainless, Closed. No glass. No fear!

What is/was Kodak? Must have been before my time… Born in 91’

I’ve heard you mention this before. What kind of volume do you end up with after fermentation and transfer? About 4.5 gals?

I have enough trouble moving buckets with handles. I can be be clumsy so unless I can see a benefit of glass I will continue with buckets. The debate goes on.

Hi Danny,
I’ve only ran wort for primary in a corny 5-6 brews so far. I’ve done 10 gallons (2 cornies) or 5 gallons. My first purchase when doing research was FermCap. That allows me to fill the kegs up to about the last weld ring which is, I think about 5 gallons. Many have argued the corny full level issue but who cares.

I just transferred 2 kegs of smoked rye tonight from a primary keg into pressurized kegs with co2. Totally closed. Run a slow xfer and I can serve in those kegs after cold conditioning.

I bring the empty kegs into the kitchen sink to hot spray clean without any fear of breaking glass and killing me or my family.