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Finally brewed today, first time in about 3 months

it was a very good day.
dunkelweizen should be ready for santa. :wink:


Well congratulations. I wouldn’t say 3 months is a huge break, but it’s a break. I brewed a black IPA today, should also be ready for ye ole winter solstice.

I’ll be in the same situation tomorrow… will be about 3 months too… I’m making a Weizenbock

3 months would be a HUGE break for me. Congrats.

long breaks suck! now you guys need to brew extra batches to catch up! :lol:

Same here. Three weeks would be long for me.

I’ve found that the longer you wait the harder it is to get going again. I brew at least weekly. If I didn’t have time I’d do something like small extract batches on the stove, something that would let me continue to produce and enjoy the process.

I have a weizenbock in the fermentor now, first time for the style. I kind of imperialized the recipe (OG1.111) so I have no idea how it is going to come out.

I’m brewing the style for the first time as well… we’ll see I guess :slight_smile: Brew Strong!!

My brewing frequency has dropped a LOT now that I’m the father of a 20 month son and 4 month daughter. Up until recently it was less than once a month, I was usually emptying a keg before the next batch was ready. However, I was able to brew a Founder’s Breakfast Stout last week and a Dragon’s Milk today (10min left in boil). I love winter for big brews!

Before I brewed a couple of weeks ago, it had been almost 6 months (eek!). Graduating from college, getting married, moving to Chicago, starting grad school, and being broke for a bit kinda put a damper on the whole time/money thing. But now I’m back! And I’m more ready than I ever was! Got a smoked amber ale conditioning right now, will be bottling next week. After that, I’m headed to do an IPA. Haven’t decided which recipe I’m going to use yet, though.

Same here. Three weeks would be long for me.[/quote]
I usually brew about every 3 weeks. I guess I don’t drink enough to be able to brew every week. I wish I could brew that much. Now that I’m bottling more of my beer from the keg I’m able to turnover beers even faster and have even more variety to choose from. I’ve been bottling about a 12 pack from each batch, which are 3 gallon batches.
Lennie, I thought you were a 3 gallon brewer on the stovetop?

Welcome back! I’m on a 2-1/2 month break myself (hurt my back) and it stinks! It’s been in the 20s/30s F lately and tomorrow it’s supposed to hit 50s. Wifey talked me out of brewing on Turkey day, so Friday it is!

well, dangit, It HAS been a while. Only boiled the Dragon’s Milk for 60minutes instead of 90. Now I have 6 gallons of 1.069 wort instead of 5 gallons on 1.079. Now it won’t all fit into the keg :frowning:

I was but a new stove caused me to resort to propane, still doing smaller batches although with the propane I’m creeping up in volume on occasion. I’m currently shopping around for a heavy duty hot plate, I don’t think I want to use a stick heater. I may just stick with propane, it does a good job. Just have to get a backup cylinder.

I’m brewing Thanksgiving morning, it’s been four months for me.

Have enough ingedients for 6 1/2, 5 gallon batches.

No fall order to Northern Brewer this year :frowning:

I’ve just recently started brewing again. Been away at school since May, feels good to get back into it!

Definitely finished… a while ago actually… cheers!

Sounds like my delays are similar to many others. Grandkids + MBA program + Brewing and something had to give.

Gotta break from school for 6 weeks, so brewing is back. Friday I think I’ll brew ken’s red lager.


I put off brewing week after week, and all of a sudden I was out of beer. It turned out to be a 2 month hiatus. So last weekend I brewed 2 batches of IPA, and this weekend I’m brewing an oatmeal stout and a brown ale. I’m on track to break my annual brewing record this year. :cheers:

It’s definitely harder to start back up, even after a short break - I get rusty pretty fast. When you guys tally up your # gallons/year, do you count hard cider, wine, mead too? I’ve never included those. I guess it’s probably all the same to Uncle Sam, not that anybody’s really checking.

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