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Finally Bought NB

After getting my feet wet with mr beer and deciding I like the hobby I ordered a NB essential starter kit as the next step. I should be expecting it in the mail sometime next week. After some researching a couple of questions came to mind. When sanitizing do you sanitize the kettle or allow the boiling to do that? When sanitizing the siphon do you run sanitizing solution to run through the hose?

I look forward to brewing my first beer with my new kit. I ordered the Caribou Slobber :slight_smile:

Thank you,


No need to sanitize the kettle, boiling does it.

I run sanitizer through the tubing and think it’s a must (imagine after a few brews what is growing in there).


Thank you. I apologize for the seemingly silly questions, I am still as green as a Christmas tree when it comes to home brewing.



One thing that I have learned here is that the people here are always quick to answer with good responses - - - ask away.

The search function here is… lacking. If using your favorite search engine doesn’t bring you an answer, ask away.

I make a gallon of Starsan sanitizer using distilled water and reuse it for several weeks. I put my autosiphon in the neck of the jug then squeeze the hose end through too, and pump sanitizer through which just recirculates it through the siphon and hose and back into the jug. When I pull the autosiphon out I wipe the outside ends (siphon and hose) in contact with wort/beer with a paper towel sprayed with Starsan.

Thank you everyone! I am sure I will have other newbie questions in the future :slight_smile:


Most of the question you will have, have been asked and answered before. You can try the search function on the site, but it’s a little bit useless.

If your favorite search engine also comes up short, ask away. The question my seem silly, but most of use have had the same questions when we started.

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