Final gravity of commercial beers

Continuing the discussion from Lager vs.ale fermentation:

I have never thought about checking the FG of a commercial beer. I have two new beers I’ll check. A roasted malt from Point Brewery and a chocolate malt from Wisconsin Brewing Co.

Good Idea to create a new thread for this @flars

Now i gits to wondering, How much yeast would settle/ferment then if left to warm up to room temp and rest there for a week or so? I know, that fer another link! Sneezles61

If you want to clone a beer you must find out the FG of the original.

Well my last reading from a refrigerated sample was… 1.010. Now I will leave it on the counter fer a few days fer reading… I know, I don’t expect much to know from this…. Sneezles61

I have a reading of 1.006. this is my final reading fer this…Sneezles61